• Order Virtual Private Server


    Bring your creations to life with one of the UK's most advanced VPS platforms. Featuring the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, Intel Xeon processors, and RAID-10 arrays of high-performance SAS disks, our range of virtual private servers will give you the speed, power and reliability your clients demand.

    SSD VPS available

    Our SSD VPS offer better speed, lower seek times and faster read/write performance.

    Install WordPress in just seconds

    Get the latest version installed on your site with just one click. No need to download or upload files, set up databases, or change permissions – just the power of this popular software right at your fingertips.

    WordPress also makes it easy to transfer over your existing site. Your posts, images, files, themes, and plug-ins can be quickly exported from your existing site and imported into your brand new site.

    Hosting without limits

    You always have the unlimited storage, bandwidth, and databases you need for your website to grow with our Home Pro and Business Pro packages. Install WordPress as multi-site for a range of sites attached to subdomains, or have three separate domain names and websites with Business Pro.

    If you need more websites, our Premium Hosting packages give you the power of your own VPS without the fuss of server administration. Add an unlimited number of websites with the resources you need right when you need them.

    Unrivalled performance

    We use only the latest hardware on our servers for superior reliability and performance, including the latest Intel technology to ensure fast processing, responsiveness, and reliability.

    Load balancers distribute web traffic evenly across our clusters, keeping your site unaffected by high traffic and peak times, and the latest MariaDB database servers provide fast and effective databases that scale easily for a fast and responsive WordPress website.

    The speed you need

    We provide solid-state disks as well as using Dell CacheCade for fast response times around the clock.

    We also know every microsecond is important, which is why our data centre is based in Leeds, with a high-speed network that has direct connections to several exchanges across the UK and Europe